The Story

A Novel by Mark Phillips
What do you do when the rain can kill you?

What do you do when the drinking water is deadly?

Chaos rules in a world gone mad as a deadly virus races across the planet with nothing to stop it’s spread.

Is this the final blow to a civilization torn by wars and rumors of wars?

Will we put aside our differences and work together to survive?

Derek Manheim discovers the doomsday meteor as it streaks through space from the edge of the Galaxy on a collision course with Earth carrying a deadly virus.

Matthew Parker, a brilliant research scientist struggles with the death of his friend Rebecca Forster who trusted him to cure her cancer and his partner Dr. Francis Magee seeks fame and fortune for himself.

Lieutenant Colonel John Reed leads an elite force through a devastated city looking for survivors.

Melinda Chase Director of Infectious Disease at the CDC struggles to save her own daughter from the deadly virus, while time is running out.


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