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Americus Times-Recorder, Americus, Georgia

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July 25, 2011

Local dad unleashes imagination with novel

Lisa Law
The Americus Times-Recorder

PLAINS — A father of seven, after making up stories for his children and reading to them over the years, Mark Phillips decided to write a book.

Phillips said the primary reason he wrote his first novel was because of his children’s encouragement.

Phillips, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada said the title of his book is “Rain of Terror” and it can be found in electronic form on Kindle via Amazon and should be on book shelves by Aug. 1.

Phillips said he has lived in Plains since 2008, but recently purchased his home just two months ago. He said he came home one day to discover Secret Service agents in his yard and found former President Jimmy Carter sitting on his couch.

“He came out to welcome me and my family to Plains,” Phillips said with amusement.

“The book is about man’s response to a world-wide pandemic. There is an alien virus coming to the earth on a meteor. The virus is not airborne; it’s waterborne,” he said,  explaining that the virus is spread by the weather and how his characters  are faced with the challenges of survival.

“Derick Manheim — he is head of student research in Paranal, Chile, discovers the doomsday meteor as it streaks through space headed for earth,” he said, explaining that in his book, while most are worried about the impact of the meteor on earth,  they are unaware of the deadly virus that explodes with the meteor into the earth’s atmosphere.

“Matthew Parker from Los Angeles is a brilliant research scientist who discovers a cure for the virus, which is similar to the cure for cancer; however, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want the cure released. Then, there is Lt. Col. John Reed, from Seattle, who is a retired Marine; his role comes into play after the virus hits. He uses his skills to rescue survivors. Another character is Melinda Chase; she is director of infectious disease in Atlanta. She struggles to find a cure, knowing her own daughter is infected with the virus,” Phillips said.

According to Phillips, he has read to his children through the years, capturing their imaginations with the unexpected twists and turns of his stories.  

“My kids encouraged me to write a book. I begin writing it in 2004. When I would finish a chapter, I would read it to my kids. I would get their encouragement and suggestions. We would finish a chapter and they couldn’t wait for the next chapter. It may be a few days or a few weeks before I could finish the next chapter. I had one character die and my daughter said, ‘Couldn’t you write her back into the story? I liked her; I didn’t want her to die,’” he said with a laugh.

Overall, Phillips said the book is a good, clean, easy read.

“It’s a extremely light read, enjoyable; it’s not a dark zombie book. There is no blood dripping zombies walking around. It is a medical/technology thriller,” he said.

He quotes one of his characters in his book.

“Man is resourceful and God is merciful,” he said, explaining that humans have a lot of knowledge and technology at their fingertips.

“We can use it for good or for evil. When we are faced with a challenge, there are those who use force to gain control. For example, in my book, the bad person uses force to gain control of the water supply. They steal it, hoard it or sell it for profit, and the good person distributes it to help others. When someone is put under pressure, their true character comes out. You will see that in this book,” he said.

Phillips said he published his book by using Amazon’s self-publishing site, and he is working on his next book “Red Sky.”

Phillips is employed with Habitat for Humanity International as a software developer. He was born in Sussex, England,  and is an avid world traveler. He has a bachelors of science degree from the Foundation for International Studies in Washington state. He was previously employed with British Columbia Telephone Co. from 1977-1998, and has served as an IT consultant from 1998-2005 (Hartford, Philadelphia, New York City, Bridgewater, N.J. Tampa, Vancouver). He lives in Plains with his wife Louise and they are proud parents of  Janelle, 27; Bronson, 24, of Tampa; Graydon,  20, of Texas; Carrie, 18; Leighton, 17; Alyssa 15, and Tamma 13.



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posted Aug 19, 2011, 12:00 PM by Mark Phillips   [ updated Aug 19, 2011, 12:13 PM ]

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